DoubleSkill (SP) 0.1

Keep the balls in the air with your raquette


  • Innovative gameplay
  • Keeps you coming back for more


  • No menu
  • Basic graphics
  • Didn't display properly at 240x320

Not bad

DoubleSkill is a testing game of skill and reflexes, in which you need to keep a ball balanced on a bar.

I like a good challenge but I tend to get a little bored with the usual mobile puzzle games like Tetris, Snake and Breakout.

Which I why I was quite excited at the prospect of playing DoubleSkill, because it's an innovative format which requires an incredible amount of skill and dexterity.

Unfortunately I didn't bank on the fact that this same formula also makes it extremely frustrating and I would go on to lose lots of hair.

The premise of DoubleSkill is to keep a ball balanced on a bar at the bottom of your screen by moving side to side using the stylus or thumbpad.

This in itself is tricky but the twist in the tail in DoubleSkill is that at the same time you need to control a racket at the top of the screen to prevent another ball from falling down.

Because of the fact that the racket and bottom bar controls work in tandem, this is a very tricky task.

The challenge of DoubleSkill is engrossing and will have you coming back to torment your mind time and again.

The presentation of the game is pretty poor though - the black-and-white graphics are pretty basic and blocky, and there's no menu system, so you're launched straight into the game every time, which becomes annoying after a while.

DoubleSkill is an interesting and innovative challenge that tests your dexterity but it's ultimately let down by its poor presentation.

DoubleSkill is a simple and brain-damaging game: you have to control, at the same stylus, the bottom bar and the top 'raquette'. Use the Stylus or the Pad to do so.

If one of the 2 balls falls, it's game over! Be careful, the game speeds up over time. This is a horrible first version, with horrible graphics and no menu.

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DoubleSkill (SP) 0.1

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